Whether youre looking to lower your energy costs or shrink your environmental footprint, we have programs built around your goals.


          See how Pacific Power is working to create a brighter, cleaner future.

          Electric Cars
          Smart Meters


          Discover precautions you can take to stay safe at home and at work.

          Storm safety


          Find resources to help with your new home, business or construction project.

          Builders & COntractors
          Electric Service Requirements

          Harnessing clean energy

          Replacing wind turbines on our wind farms with longer blades and advanced technology will deliver more sustainable energy to our customers.

          Be Wattsmart for winter

          It may be cold outside, but you can staycozy and keep energy bills down withthese easy tips.

          Powering your greatness

          Visit PoweringGreatness.com

          The spirit of Independence

          Small town, big visionthats the story in Independence, Oregon, where an active and engaged community has laid the foundation for a 21st century economy.

          Making healthy living fun

          Rogue Valley Family YMCA helps Medford, Oregon area kids and families expand their horizons and build community. Were proud to support their work that changes lives for the better.

          Commitment to communities

          At Pacific Power, were committed to keeping our communities strong and safe places to live and work.

          Powering your tomorrow

          Clean, reliable, affordable energy. Thats the promise of wind: and its why were dramatically expanding our wind-power capacity.

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